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  1. Understanding Tire Codes
    Have you ever looked at the side of a tire, and noticed a weird looking alphanumeric code? That code can tell you a lot about the tire you are looking at, and whether or not it is right for you. The trick lies in understanding tire codes.
  2. Involved In an Auto Accident? Here's What to Do.
    Auto accidents can be, and are, one of the most stressful situations that anyone can find themselves faced with. Even if it is a mild fender bender, and free of any injuries, emotions and tempers can run high. So if you find yourself involved in an auto a
  3. Fixing Cracked Windows
    While we would all like to think that our cars and trucks are invulnerable, the sad truth is that they are actually pretty fragile. One example of this can be found in the windows, and just how easy it is for them to get cracks.
  4. Flushing Your Radiator
    If your car, truck, van, or SUV happens to have a radiator, then at some point in time it will need to be flushed. While you can ways hire some one to do the work for you, flushing your radiator is a simple enough task that anyone can do it. Just make sur
  5. Types of Hybrid Cars
    Have you noticed just how popular hybrid cars are getting lately? It really seems like you can't turn the television on, open a magazine, or listen to the radio without hearing or seeing something about these fascinating new cars. But how many different t
  6. What to Do When You Run Out of Gas
    Just about everyone will go through the experience of running out of gas at least once in their life. If you have never done it before, then you really should learn what to do when you run out of gas. It's not all that difficult a thing to do, as long as
  7. Renting a Car
    Renting a car can often be a tricky proposition, particularly if you have never done it before. Take the confusion out of the project by following these simple instructions. When you are done, not only will you have a great car waiting for you, but you wi
  8. Securing a Child Seat in a Car
    There are so many things that a new parent worries about, but one of the most stress inducing is, believe it or not, securing a child seat in a car. There really is a right way and a wrong way to do this, so make sure that you know which one is which. The
  9. Understanding a Car's Sticker Price
    One of the trickiest aspects of purchasing a new car is trying to figure out the sticker price. While it is true that everything you need for understanding a car's sticker price is included on the sticker, the knowledge to decode it isn't. It's not all th
  10. Signs of a Bad Alternator
    One of the most important, though overlooked, parts of a vehicle is the alternator. The reason for the importance is really quite simple, the alternator recharges the battery, and helps provide the electricity needed to run your vehicle. Learning to recog
  11. Understanding Towing Capacity
    Many people purchase a truck with the expressed interest of being able to tow things around. However, in order to do this properly you will need to understand towing capacity. After all, if you make an error in judgment you can very easily end up seriousl
  12. What is a Blue Book Value?
    If you are looking to purchase or sell a car, then chances are you have heard about blue book value. But what is a blue book value? To really get the most out of selling or purchasing a car, truck, or other vehicle you need to understand what goes into ma
  13. Cold Weather Gas Saving Tips
    There are a few times during the year that you really need to worry about saving gas when you drive around, and the cold weather months are one of those. Instead of continually paying higher and higher prices at the gas pump, why not use some of these col
  14. Emergency Radiator Repairs
    Have you ever been driving down the road, and all of a sudden your engine temperature spikes? When that happens, chances are you will have to make some kind of emergency radiator repairs. It's not all that difficult a task, and can mean the difference bet
  15. Wie man Stoßdämpfer ersetzt
    Im Laufe der Zeit müssen selbst die am besten fürsorglichen Autos einige Teile ausgetauscht werden. Ein Beispiel dafür sind die Stoßdämpfer. Es ist durchaus möglich, diese Teile selbst zu ändern, wenn Sie sich etwas schmutzig machen wollen. Folge einfach
  16. Wie man Struts ersetzt
    Neben einem Stoßdämpfer sind die Verstrebungen eines der häufigsten Teile, die an Ihrem Fahrzeug ausgetauscht werden müssen. Während Sie das Fahrzeug immer zu einem Mechaniker bringen können, können Sie die Arbeit auch selbst erledigen. Befolgen Sie einfach diese Anweisungen, und Sie müssen
  17. Bessere Benzinleistung während der Fahrt in der Stadt
    Eine bessere Benzinfahrleistung zu erreichen, während Sie in der Stadt fahren, ist vielleicht eine der besten Methoden, um in schwierigen finanziellen Zeiten Geld zu sparen. In der Tat ist es eine gute Praxis, zu lernen, wie man sein Fahrzeug optimal ausnutzt, unabhängig von der finanziellen Situation
  18. Notbremsen einstellen
    Die meisten Leute denken nicht wirklich über die Notbremsen an ihrem Fahrzeug nach, bis sie sie wirklich brauchen. Als solches ist es wahrscheinlich eines der am meisten übersehenen Teile eines Fahrzeugs. Gelegentlich können Notbremsen eingestellt werden, um sicherzustellen, dass sie in Ordnung sind